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Primary Medical Care is one of the foundations of Orange Blossom Family Health. Early detection and treatment are crucial in managing disease, which is why we emphasize a preventive approach to medicine.

Our medical staff consists of a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, medical assistants, and student interns. We strive to create a "medical home" for our patients with the goal of preventing the inappropriate use of the local emergency rooms for non- emergent situations. Through the Health Disparities Collaborative, a program designed to reduce disparities in health outcomes for minority and underserved people, we use the Chronic Care model. Through health education, this model empowers the patient to take charge in managing their own health. We provide treatment and evaluation for chronic health conditions including diabetes and hypertension.

As we provide primary medical care, we have an Orange County Referral Specialist on site. Through this program, uninsured Orange County residents who qualify are referred to secondary care providers in partnership with the Orange County Health Department.

We also offer a confidential rapid HIV testing program that is open to anyone from anywhere. There are no geographic or financial requirements to receive this test. We use an antibody test administered by finger stick and the test takes approximately 20 minutes to obtain a reactive or non-reactive result. If a reactive result is received, a blood sample is taken and forwarded to the Department of Health for confirmatory testing. It takes two weeks to receive status confirmation from this testing. There is no cost to the patient for the rapid HIV test performed here at our Health Center.

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